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February 6, 2019      3:33 PM

In State of the Judiciary, Hecht highlights proposals like expanded guardianship oversight and bail bond reform

The judiciary’s single most important need is better technology, Hecht said…last year, district judges resolved, on average, 1,900 cases apiece. County judges handled a case load, on average, of 2,100 cases

Chief Justice Nathan Hecht highlighted judicial bills in play this session during his State of the Judiciary speech this morning, focusing his comments on reforming the bail system, modernizing court data collection and minimizing fraud in the guardianship system.

Hecht, like Abbott in his State of the State address, spoke of the extraordinary, and often heroic, efforts of court personnel during Hurricane Harvey. The chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court said the Third Branch of government was working hard to serve Texas.

By Kimberly Reeves

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