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August 7, 2019      10:27 AM

House Democrats consider how to respond to Bonnen apology for badmouthing members, and whatever else was said during his meeting with MQ Sullivan

TMF says House cannot heal until Speaker Bonnen fully acknowledges what he said in Sullivan meeting, meantime, Rep. Beckley issues statement that sort of sounds like she feels duped, Rep. Romero says Bonnen needs to go

Following Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s emotional plea for forgiveness on Tuesday – quickly accepted by at least 8 GOP members – one of his Democratic Chairmen on Wednesday said “the House cannot begin the healing process until we have the truth.” Meantime one of the Democrats who had immediately accepted Bonnen’s apology for trash talking her personally to Empower Texans spokesman Michael Quinn Sullivan seemed to be having second thoughts.

Another called for the presiding officer’s immediate resignation

By Scott Braddock

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