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March 9, 2019      12:07 PM

Efforts to reform Marijuana laws pick up steam at the Texas Capitol

The lite guv’s top strategist is on the team as more Republicans are joining reform efforts

A new group known as TEAMM or Texans for Expanded Access to Medical Marijuana is launching a new effort to reform medical marijuana laws in the midst of new energy around the issue at both the state and the national levels.

According to a poll commissioned by the group, 81% of Texas voters support the expansion of medical marijuana. 86% believe that doctors and researchers – not the state – should determine when patients have access to medical marijuana and 82% support university-based research of marijuana which is currently not-permitted.

According to a member of TEAMM’s leadership, Brian Sweany, “Our goal is to help countless numbers of Texans who are suffering right now and could find relief with medical cannabis. “Helping Texans is a bipartisan issue, and we are advocating for legislation with the highest safety standards, the strongest industry guardrails, and the maximum amount of control for doctors.”

TEAMM includes serious players at the Capitol.

By Andrew Turner

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