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August 9, 2019      9:13 PM

After Sullivan waives confidentiality, Office of the Speaker releases original letter to Bonnen about June 12 meeting

The letter shows Bonnen was notified on June 19 in writing that Sullivan “unequivocally” rejected Bonnen’s alleged offer

On the Friday night before Monday’s scheduled Texas House General Investigating Committee hearing into Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s June 12 meeting with Michael Quinn Sullivan, the Office of the Speaker released a copy of the original letter sent by Sullivan to Bonnen accusing him of a quid pro quo.

The office had originally declined to release the letter, citing an exemption under Texas law that allows for constituent communications to be kept confidential in order to protect personal information. Gardner Pate, the speaker’s general counsel, this evening said that Sullivan had waived confidentiality and sent the letter to media outlets that had requested a copy including Quorum Report.

Here is the letter.

As a reminder, here is the letter Bonnen sent in response, which has been in the public domain since Sullivan took his accusations public on July 25.

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