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November 6, 2018      8:27 PM

Veteran Texas House members facing serious challenges in early voting in Harris County

Longtime Congressman John Culberson’s inability to pull out an early re-election in Congressional District 7 could spell trouble for a number of candidates down ballot, including veteran Reps. Dwayne Bohac and Gary Elkins in western Harris County.

Democrats had outvoted Republicans by about 50,000 in the early vote tallies. Democratic challenger Lizzie Fletcher was leading Culberson in early tallies, 52-47. Down ballot, Democratic Jon Rosenthal was beating Elkins, 49-48. Democrat Adam Milisincic, a trial lawyer who was vocal in his opposition to the GOP’s “anti-immigration rhetoric,” trailed Bohac by less than 1 percent of the early votes in the Spring Branch-area district.

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