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January 12, 2018      5:37 PM

Updated: Supremes will hear case on Texas redistricting

The SCOTUS has a blockbuster term for redistricting on its hands; The Texas claims could put the state back under preclearance at the DOJ

The U.S. Supreme Court has picked up the Texas redistricting case as the third of possibly four gerrymandering cases argued before the court this session.

That makes this, in the words of Professor Rick Hasen of Election Law Blog, a “blockbuster term” for redistricting cases before the court.

The combined Texas cases, noted here, could declare Texas House districts in Dallas, Bell and Nueces counties unlawful, as well as Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold’s district anchored in Nueces County along with Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s district in Central Texas.

By Kimberly Reeves

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