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September 12, 2018      4:41 PM

TCC: First step in funding kids services in next state budget

The staff at Texans Care for Children take a look at the budget requests for DSHS, TEA, DFPS, HHSC and more

While thousands of bills are filed in each legislative session, many observers have pointed out that the most important one for Texas kids and families is the state budget bill.

State agencies recently took an important step in the budget-writing process when they released their Legislative Appropriations Requests (LARs). The Speaker of the House, the Lt. Governor, and the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) will use those LARs to help them write the first draft of the state budget, which is typically released early in the legislative session.

The complete analysis by the staff at Texans Care for Children can be found in the R&D Department.  

By Texans Care for Children Staff

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