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January 12, 2018      5:39 PM

SB: Poll of rural GOP voters shows nuance on abortion, property taxes, and school vouchers

Scrapping the property tax system for sales taxes doesn’t sound so hot and school vouchers lose majority support when the details of how to pay for them are presented

As Austin American-Statesman columnist Ken Herman has said, the ballot questions offered up for voters in the primaries are pretty sure bets to be approved. After all, the parties mainly place those questions on the ballot to boost enthusiasm and get more of their base voters to the polls.

So, it’s no surprise that in a poll of Lubbock County GOP voters shown to Quorum Report this week, opposition to new toll roads is very strong and support for a bathroom bill is high.

What’s perhaps more interesting is that things get complicated as nuance is introduced when asking rural Republicans about school vouchers, abortion restrictions, and whether to get rid of the property tax system altogether. one should never read too much into the results of a single poll, but these numbers are nonetheless worth passing along to you.

By Scott Braddock

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