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March 16, 2018      4:56 PM

SB: For all his bluster, Abbott failed to make the difference against any of the House Republicans he opposed

The governor’s gotten some credit for Middleton’s win in Galveston, but the facts on the ground show the challenger won it on his own

GALVESTON – As a nasty storm moved across much of Texas in the days leading up to the GOP primary, supporters of Republican candidate Mayes Middleton packed into Katie’s Seafood near the Galveston Cruise Terminal, snacking on free shrimp boil and looking out over the bay.

Gov. Greg Abbott, grounded in San Antonio where he’d spent part of his day calling Rep. Lyle Larson a “liberal” more than a dozen times during a rally for GOP candidate Chris Fails, could not make it to the island. His campaign said the storm was too dangerous for their plane to take off.

So, Gov. Abbott called into the Middleton rally, repeatedly saying Rep. Wayne Faircloth is a “liberal,” though the crowd heard the lie fewer times because the phone call kept cutting out as it was projected through the PA system.

The previous day, Abbott had trashed Chair Sarah Davis, R-West University Place, as a “liberal Democrat” in disguise during a rally in Bellaire for Republican challenger Susanna Dokupil. Abbott spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV against Davis and Larson to no avail.

Abbott’s preferred candidate won in the race where he couldn’t show up personally or on TV.

By Scott Braddock

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