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April 10, 2018      4:12 PM

SB: David Rauf in the Quorum Report

Expert reporting from one of Texas’ preeminent campaign finance journalists appears for the first time in the Daily Buzz

Of great importance to the Texas Capitol community, of course, is the state’s campaign finance regulator, the Texas Ethics Commission.

One journalist who’s done an admirable job of tracking developments at the TEC over the past few years is David Saleh Rauf, who many of our readers may remember from his days at the San Antonio Express-News. Prior to that he wrote for Politico in DC. David also did a stint at the Associated Press in Austin.

In this afternoon’s Quorum Report, David takes a look at whether a newly-appointed Ethics Commissioner is pushing the envelope by doing political fundraising in Houston while serving on the commission.

By Scott Braddock

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