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November 30, 2018      11:27 AM

People on the Move

A lobby group expands, a new lobby shop on the scene, hires at trade groups, an appointment, and total staffer moves

Major props to all of you who stood in line for as long as 90 minutes at Chairman Dennis Bonnen’s fundraiser this week. Speaking of that, what do y’all think of the new Four Seasons layout? I'll pass along your notes to their management. Seems like a safe bet that the bar is going to miss out on quite a bit of business during session if they don’t find a way to bring down the noise level. Or maybe I’m just getting old and can’t hear as well.

Meantime, the Reagan Building has been bustling with Rep. Bonnen’s appointments heading in and out of his temporary headquarters. House Administration Chairman Charlie Geren told QR that the office Bonnen is using is the one that would have been assigned to a random member heading into session in the event there was going to be a contested speaker’s race. There are only 149 regular offices for House members, plus the speaker’s office, and Joe Straus is still using that one.

Thanks for all your well wishes after I experienced the joy of a kidney stone on Thanksgiving break. All the “this too shall pass” jokes were appreciated. Now that I’m better, it’s back to work. If there’s career news to share, please send it to ksbraddock@gmail.com and put “POTM” in that subject line, please and thank you.

Here’s this week’s People on the Move:

By Scott Braddock

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