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September 7, 2018      1:42 PM

People on the Move

Remembering a Texas legend, appointments, promotions, a longtime Senate staffer heads to the lobby, and more

It was a bittersweet week in the Texas Capitol community as so many of you attended the graveside service in nasty weather for former Sen. Babe Schwartz. Our publisher Harvey Kronberg was moved to see all the faces of those who knew Babe. He noted it was a crowd representing roughly 4 decades of the story of Texas.

In case you missed it, filmmaker Paul Stekler sent over this clip from the 1995 film, “Vote for me: Politics in America featuring some of Babe’s time in the lobby. If you just didn’t have time to check it out during this busy week, it should make for enjoyable weekend viewing. Depending on what browser you’re using, you may have to right click then open that link in a new tab. Then watch it to the end. Trust me.

You never get over the loss of a friend. You just get used to it.

Meantime, the business of politics and policy grinds on with hirings, promotions, and other career changes of all kinds. Feel free to send news like this about yourself, a friend, or even an adversary to ksbraddock@gmail.com anytime and put People on the Move or POTM in the subject line. Thanks so much.

Here’s Texas’ weekly roundup of People on the Move:

By Scott Braddock

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