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June 8, 2018      12:00 PM

People on the Move

A couple new lobby shops headed by significant players, staffers on the move, a new executive director, and more

What kind of a week has it been?

Folks around the Capitol who have to be there look like they’d rather be just about anywhere else, honestly, no doubt jealous of other folks on cruises, Colorado getaways, and other summer fun. Many have their travel plans in place and will be on the road soon enough, I hear. Hang in there.

Might as well put my toes in the sand this weekend. Believe me, I’ll make up for it by working through the next two weekends at the RPT and TDP Conventions coming up over the next couple weeks. Mr. Kronberg, ace reporter James Russell and I are looking forward to seeing all of you who make it out to San Antonio and Fort Worth.

In Austin, the movers and shakers this week are opening lobby shops, getting promotions, and moving on after elections went this way or that way. You know the drill.

If you’d like to brag on yourself or someone else makin’ moves, don’t hesitate to reach out even while I’m on the beach. It’s fine. Email is best at ksbraddock@gmail.com and put “People on the Move” or “POTM” in the subject line. Please and thank you.

Here’s Texas’ weekly roundup of People on the Move:

By Scott Braddock

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