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May 16, 2018      5:04 PM

Patrick campaign: Straus laundered contributions through groups like ART

The accusation is that Straus was putting his money into allied organizations to keep himself from being an issue for members; Blakemore said: “Primary voters know that ‘responsible Republican’ is just a code word for ‘liberal Republican’”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s campaign on Wednesday lashed out at Texas House Speaker Joe Straus over the retiring presiding officer’s investment in defending House members in the Republican primary.

Straus “had to launder his campaign contributions through large PACs so his involvement wouldn’t hurt the candidates he was supporting,” said Allen Blakemore, campaign strategist for Patrick.

Yesterday, Straus’ campaign had touted the fact that he kept his word to defend “serious, thoughtful Republican legislators” in their races by contributing $1 million so far this year.

By Scott Braddock

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