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April 9, 2018      5:26 PM

HK: Tariff brinksmanship seems poised to climax right before November mid-terms

It’s more than markets in turmoil; presidential success will help Republicans, implementing tariffs will undermine the very voters they need; the timeline looks to hurt more than help

While the liberal and conservative cable TV shows are obsessing on the Robert Mueller investigation and all of the byzantine permutations around it, it is less likely to have anything to do with a possible Democratic wave next November than the President’s bellicose saber rattling as a lone warrior with no allies in a trade war with China and to a lesser degree Mexico. 

Mueller may be fine for driving ratings, but not a single Senator or Congressman or state legislator will likely win or lose their seat because of his actions.

It is Mr. Trump’s timing that is so curious.

By Harvey Kronberg

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