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November 1, 2018      4:18 PM

HHSC prepares for a mid-November reveal of long-term contracting changes

“I think, fundamentally, we did not have a failure of statute,” Ford said. “We had a failure of the agency adjusting to a new way of doing business.”

The Health and Human Services Commission expects to issue a report in mid-November to address the long-term contracting strategies for the agency.

The agency’s leadership, in a meeting with House Human Services, outlined the ongoing work to address the contracting woes that led to former Executive Commissioner Charles Smith’s departure from the agency at the end of May.

The agency’s Achilles heel – a shift from care provider to managed care contract oversight – has been acknowledged by agency staff and about every review that has occurred in recent months, including an extensive third-party review by Ernst & Young.

By Kimberly Reeves

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