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October 9, 2018      3:59 PM

Greenfield: State Expenditures in FY18 should leave conservatives pleased and liberals depressed

By the numbers, economist Dr. Stuart Greenfield lays out what’s happening with the Texas budget, this time on the expenditure side of the equation

With the close of FY18, State Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced state tax collections and revenue increased at a substantial rate. The Comptroller noted that both All Funds tax collections and total revenue increased at substantial rates, 12.0 percent, and 8.1 percent, respectively.

Comptroller Hegar did not comment on total state expenditures, which increased (3.5 percent), a rate substantially lower than the increase in state revenue. The agency will soon release the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the Annual Cash Report.

Both reports document state revenue and expenditures for FY18.

For now, I’ll offer an overview of state expenditures for FY18 based on the cash report.

The complete guest column by Dr. Stuart Greenfield is in the R&D Department.

By Dr. Stuart Greenfield

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