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January 8, 2018      3:00 PM

Audio: Defending Trump, Patrick says the president called him during special session

Lite Guv says Trump called him after seeing him on Fox News; Patrick says Trump’s polling numbers are “sky high in Texas”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Monday morning revealed that he received a phone call from President Donald Trump during the special session last year. Appearing on the Mark Davis Show on KSKY 660 AM radio in Dallas/Fort Worth, Patrick said the president called after Trump saw him speaking on Fox News Channel.

“He called to basically say I saw you on Fox today and you were right on target,” Patrick said. "We were talking about border security and the wall," Patrick said, adding that he would not divulge too many details about the call. He wanted to talk about the call, however, to push back on recent questions about Trump’s fitness for office.

By Scott Braddock

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