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August 11, 2017      5:54 PM

Updated: With changes, Texas House passes SB 6 annexation measure to third reading 115 to 24

Chairman Huberty fends off most amendments but some changes go on that could determine the fate of the bill

It was the battle of Rep. Dan Huberty against amendments on Friday morning, when Rep. Huberty laid out SB 6, the municipal annexation bill he’s been trying to pass for more than half a decade.

Huberty made it clear to House members he did not intend to accept any amendments on the bill, fearing it would hinder the chances of the Senate concurring if the House sent over a version they might not approve of with very little time on the clock left in the special session.

“We’ve been working on this for six years,” Huberty said, pointing out that in all of that time, very few lawmakers had reached out with concerns or amendment proposals, even though a total of 26 amendments were heard today.

By Lyanne A. Guarecuco

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