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July 13, 2017      4:24 PM

Updated: Days before special, House and Senate at odds over how best to bolster public education

Patrick calls Speaker’s school finance plan a “ponzi scheme”; Straus says “It’s encouraging to see the Lieutenant Governor’s newfound focus on school finance reform.”

With less than a week to go before the start of the special session, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick shifted his focus to address Speaker Joe Straus’ top priority: Public education. As has been the case all year, they do not see eye to eye on a path forward. The speaker, however, welcomed Patrick to the debate he’s been asking for all along.

Wearing a “20 for 20” lapel pin in support of Governor Greg Abbott’s potential 20-item agenda for the special session, Patrick pointed out that ten of the 20 items on the governor’s agenda passed the Senate during the regular session.  

“They were killed by the Speaker, and that’s why they’re back on the call,” Patrick said. Patrick mentioned he had “noticed a lot of House members” wearing the “20 for 20” pin. He didn’t mention that there are more and more people wearing a “Sunset and Sine Die” pin as well in the hallways of the Texas Capitol.

By Lyanne A. Guarecuco

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