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June 12, 2017      5:47 PM

Updated: Abbott signs SB1, vetoes $120 million from $216 billion budget

In at least one case, Abbott kills off a program with no evident savings

Gov. Greg Abbott once more has used his authority to line-item veto $120 million from the current budget, while also providing a stinging rebuke to the Legislative Budget Board.

Abbott’s prerogative to use the line-item veto in the budget was affirmed by Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office two years ago. Two years ago, Abbott vetoed about $200 million, including $132 million to replace the Sutton Office Complex in San Antonio. This time, Abbott was more concerned with smaller budget items that were not under legislative appropriation requests.

Abbott saved one of his biggest salvos for the Legislative Budget Board, which locked horns with the governor last session over his line-item veto power. Abbott zeroed out a line item that would have given LBB its unexpended balances going into the biennium. Instead, LBB can only retain its unexpended balance within the biennium, carrying over from 2017 to 2018.

By Kimberly Reeves

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