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July 14, 2017      3:31 PM

Teacher groups scoff at Patrick's proposed pay raise

Patrick’s math is about $600 million for the teacher and retiree bonuses, plus $150 million for ASATR and $60 million for fast-growth and charter facilities, more than $700 million, which Patrick did not address

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s proposal to boost teacher pay by – a parry to recent comments from Speaker of the House Joe Straus – is being met with healthy skepticism, even from the groups representing those who would benefit from the bonus.

“We have to thank those teachers who have put in a long career,” Patrick said, “and we have to encourage those to stay in the career, in the middle years, because so many of those drop out.”

Many in education circles at the Capitol heard the proposal for the first time as Patrick was presenting it to reporters. Needless to say, teacher groups pushed back immediately, with the Texas State Teachers Association giving Patrick’s “plan” its own set of quotation marks. TSTA President Noel Candelaria called it a mythical pie-in-the-sky promise.

By Kimberly Reeves

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