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November 14, 2017      5:21 PM

TAB sets sights on rebuilding pro-business Legislature, one primary race at a time

“There has been an attitude as long as the Republican Party had a majority, that we could all show up in the general election. We didn’t have to be so involved in the primaries…But our board realizes those days are gone”

A lawmaker report card is only one of a number of steps the Texas Association of Business is ready to take to make sure the 86th legislature is not another anti-business session.

Business leaders say they too often saw lawmakers working at cross purposes with them on key business issues: a pitched battle over the so-called bathroom bill; another round of sanctuary cities legislation; and an attempt to reverse course on incentive programs under Chapter 313.

TAB, like many non-profit associations, keeps something of a firewall between its PAC and its membership, but the board’s new mandate is clear: Get active in the Republican primaries. So CEO Jeff Moseley is doubling down on the fundamentals.

By Kimberly Reeves

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