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March 14, 2017      2:02 PM

Senate Republicans and cities face off over ride sharing regulations

Senators want a framework that is “conservative, commonsense and minimal” while some cities fire back that the bills “undermine the safety of residents by stripping away best practice public safety measures”

The debate over regulation of ride-hailing companies revved up in the Senate Tuesday when the Business and Commerce Committee took up three bills that would preempt local ride-hailing regulations.

The three measures, though varied, would have essentially the same end result of undoing any measures put in place by cities to regulate the companies like Uber and Lyft. Last year such regulations notably caused the two companies to leave Austin – and the tension from that departure was still palpable in the room Tuesday.

Parties from several ride hailing companies and cities around the state, as well as persons representing taxicab and similar services, were among those who testified at the hearing.

By Eleanor Dearman

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