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August 11, 2017      5:09 PM

Senate Ed Chair Taylor promises puts $310 on the table for school finance negotiations

“The House raised the expectations that we had another $1.8 billion, but that has to be made up…You have to pay that back and then you have to come up with another $1.8 billion. It’s a $3.6 billion to the next budget.”

Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, unveiled a slimmed down $310 million school finance bill to substitute for House Bill 21 this morning and hinted the chamber may be willing to negotiate for additional expenditures, which some peg as another $200 million in spending.

The House was ready to defer a school finance payment to the next biennium. The Senate will only go so far as the deferral of a health care payment, which Taylor said was the fiscally prudent choice to make going into the next budget cycle.

By Kimberly Reeves

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