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March 14, 2017      9:17 AM

Republicans test the waters on eliminating one punch straight ticket voting

After the GOP suffered big losses in Harris County, Democrats push back: “It’s like party who loses wants to change it and party in power want to see it change,”

A bill eliminating “one-punch” voting got its first hearing before the Elections Committee.

Rep. Ron Simmons, R-Carrollton, told the committee his bill, HB 25, does not eliminate the opportunity to vote straight ticket, but simply the one punch option at the top of the ballot. The bill passed the committee on a party-line vote with Democrats raising various objections.

Texas is only of 10 states still with the option on the ballot, Simmons told the committee. Eliminating one-punch would allow voters to become educated with its votes – and, hopefully, rule out bad ones too.

“Limited knowledge yields bad candidates and public officials,” Simmons said.

By James Russell

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