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March 15, 2017      6:16 PM

Pauken: Trump's personnel problem

From the Right: Former RPT Chairman Tom Pauken says “Trump will learn the hard way that ‘personnel is policy’ and that the failure to have a core of people in place who share his views will doom his initiatives

Donald Trump ran on a campaign of controlling our borders, opposition to bad trade deals, bringing jobs home to America, rebuilding our manufacturing base, and ending our unnecessary intervention in wars that were not in our national interest. 

He also wanted to end our adversarial relationship with post-Communist Russia and make common cause with President Putin against the growing threat of radical Islam. During the campaign, Trump was very critical of the Bush/Romney Establishment wing of the Republican Party.  He also positioned himself as an economic nationalist in opposition to the globalist, Wall St. financial elite.

As he will soon find out, it is awfully difficult to carry out your agenda unless you select people who believe in those policies to run the White House and the various departments and agencies.

The complete column by Tom Pauken can be found in the R&D Department.

By Tom Pauken

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