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March 15, 2017      12:27 PM

Patrick joins Hotze in saying Straus is out of touch with voters

On bathrooms, Patrick says “If the speaker doesn’t bring it to a vote, that’s his issue”; this comes after the Speaker said all other issues need to take a backseat to the budget

As the Texas Senate is set to vote today on final passage of the “bathroom bill,” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick this morning did not express confidence that the pet issue of one of his key allies, anti-gay activist Steve Hotze, is going anywhere in the House.

Hotze’s group, the Conservative of Republicans of Texas, again on Wednesday joined Patrick in slamming the speaker about the issue.

If it goes down in flames, Patrick placed the blame squarely at the feet of Speaker Joe Straus, who has said the bill is not one of his priorities and he’s not a fan of it.

By Scott Braddock

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