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March 17, 2017      3:59 PM

O’Donnell: Return of the Evil Empire!

Our Senior Curmudgeon says Trump wants to take us back to the days of “atomic attack drills, ‘duck and cover,’ decontamination stations, fallout shelters, ICBMs, missile silos…and constant anxiety.”

About once a week these days I wake up and check my Mickey Mouse watch for the latest President Twump time. Too often I find that it has automatically turned back five or ten years. It was, therefore, no surprise when I found that it had turned back 60 years and a U.S. president was talking about our nation’s need to be at the “top” of the nuclear weapon food chain.

A recent New York Times report said we’re behind the Ruskies in nuclear weapons stockpiled. They have 7,300 atomic bombs while we only have 7,000. The remaining 1,000 dooms day devices available globally are sprinkled over our allies and foes. Most notably among the worrisome buggers are China with 260, Pakistan with 120 and the ever-popular North Korea with 10. Apparently having enough atomic weapons stockpiled to kill all living things on the planet is once again not sufficient to anyone’s national security.

The full column by Edd O’Donnell is in the R&D Department.

By Edd O'Donnell

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