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March 15, 2017      6:04 PM

Marathon hearing on sanctuary cities begins in the Texas House

Major differences with the Senate version emerge; Chairmen Cook and Geren agree there is much work yet to be done: “We’re a long way from being finished.”

Texas House Republican leaders on Wednesday made it clear they are open to working with members of the minority party to assuage their fears about one of Gov. Greg Abbott’s priorities for the legislative session: A ban on so-called “sanctuary cities.”

After witness registration was cut off at 4pm, 638 people had signed up to testify on the bill which flew out of the Texas Senate with little substantive debate.

As was true in the Senate, the vast majority of those who registered at the Capitol on Wednesday in the House were against the bill.

Here were the final numbers for registrants: 638 registered, 11 in favor, 619 were against it, and 8 were neutral.

House State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook, R-Corsicana, opened what was expected to be a marathon hearing on Senate Bill 4 by saying the federal government’s failure to secure the border is to blame for the fact that the Legislature is now considering this immigration-related bill in the first place.

By Scott Braddock

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