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April 18, 2017      11:38 AM

Lyceum Poll: 62% of Texans say immigration helps more than hurts the US

On border security funding, 45 percent support funding at current levels, 28 percent support increased funding and 21 percent want it decreased

Most Texans think immigration helps more than it hurts, according to the latest Texas Lyceum poll. On the flipside, the poll released Tuesday also found that twenty-seven percent said it hurts more than it helps.

For comparison, the poll conducted by the same folks in 2016 found 54 percent felt that immigration helps the United States more than it hurts. Thirty-three percent said at that time that it hurts more than it helps.

This was just one conclusion related to immigration that the poll found – at a time when immigration is on the forefront of both state and national politics.

By Eleanor Dearman

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