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April 17, 2017      7:05 PM

House Business & Industry turns attention to worker misclassification

Houston construction CEO said “It’s an epidemic…I will do anything to help the workers get their rights.”

The House Business & Industry Committee is set to hear a bill on worker misclassification Monday evening. During the meeting, Stan Marek, CEO of Marek Brothers Construction,Inc and the Workers Defense Project will join in support of the measure by Rep. Ramon Romero, Jr., D- Fort Worth.  

“To me it’s a no brainer,” Marek told Quorum Report prior to the hearing. “Why wouldn’t we follow the law for our workers, and it’s a shame the state of Texas has to pass a bill to ensure that is done.”

Romero’s bill, House Bill 3357, stipulates that contractors or subcontractors for public work projects can’t misclassify workers as independent contractors. It also ups the current fine for violations from $60 to $90 each day the misclassification persists and requires an audit on pubic work contracts to ensure compliance.

By Eleanor Dearman

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