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December 1, 2017      4:57 PM

House adopts expanded sexual harassment policy

Complaints will be investigated by an impartial, and possibly outside, party. Rep. Koop, in particular, was concerned that the complaints be exempt from any requests for public information

House Administration on Friday approved an expanded sexual harassment policy document, adding mandatory training of both members and staff and promising a working committee to provide guidance as the policy is implemented over the next two months.

The female members of the House were actively involved in amendments to the draft policy circulated last week.

Reps. Donna Howard, D-Austin, and Linda Koop, R-Dallas, spearheaded a conference call that added clarity to the complaint process and made clear the prohibition of retaliation against anyone who files a complaint against an employee or member.

“There is very little detail in the current policy,” House ethics advisor John Schnautz told the committee. “There’s a significant degree more here.”

By Kimberly Reeves

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