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August 9, 2017      2:45 PM

Greenfield: The revenue picture in the dog days of summer

Our resident number cruncher says there should be around $600 million in the ending certification balance for August 31, more than sufficient to address both health insurance for retired teachers and support for disabled children

While Comptroller Glenn Hegar did announce the improvement in state revenue for July 2017, there was no public comment on how this related to the revenue that is available to the Texas Legislature. 

Lawmakers in the special session have considered some issues, e.g., health insurance for retired teachers, a pay raise for active teachers, and most importantly, support for disabled children, that requires funding. 

While Article III, Section 49a doesn’t say “It shall be the duty of Stuart Greenfield to provide under oath to provide the Legislature a report on the fiscal condition of the state,” nowhere in the Constitution does it prohibit me from offering my view of the state’s fiscal condition.

The full column by Dr. Stuart Greenfield is in the R&D Department.   

By Dr. Stuart Greenfield

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