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July 11, 2017      4:53 PM

Despite likely brinkmanship in special, advocates hopeful for chances of maternal mortality legislation

Failure of the bill called “heartbreaking….to have it essentially killed as part of a larger, political civil war”

As the regular session this year came to a close, lawmakers were unable to pass a bill to reinvigorate the task force meant to address the maternal mortality crisis in Texas. However, the issue may be addressed sooner than later because Governor Greg Abbott added “extending maternal mortality task force” to his potential 20-item agenda for the upcoming special session.  

In a state that boasts one of the largest economies in the world; a state that has passed various bills regulating abortion access under the guise of improving women’s health; a state that is populated with just as many women as men; it makes little sense that Texas would have the highest maternal mortality rate in the country.

Yet, if Texas were a nation, it would have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world.  

By Lyanne A. Guarecuco

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