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April 20, 2017      9:25 PM

Court names names on VRA violations on Texas House map

Six times in a row to be found in violation would seem to be a pattern, some argue

Texas lawmakers took specific steps six years ago to avoid drawing potential minority districts in the Texas House map, according to an order from a trio of District Court judges today.

The order, on a 2-1 vote, concluded Texas lawmakers drew Texas House maps with the intent to dilute minority voter strength. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez and Chief Judge Oscar Garcia wrote for the majority. Circuit Judge Jerry Smith filed a minority opinion.

This mirrors a similar conclusion last month on Congressional seats. Broadly, and in specific areas of the state, the 2011 Texas House map diluted minority voting power under multiple sections of law, according to today’s order. What complicates today’s decision is that the redrawn 2013 House map, now in effect, still contains many of the problem House districts.

By Kimberly Reeves

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